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SST Inc. is a talent development programme in the School of Science and Technology, Singapore that offers an opportunity for students to further their learning of programming and technology.

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Through the use of a corporate system, SST Inc. members work together to innovate and program applications for the benefit of society.

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In 5 years, SST Inc. has published over 20 apps to the App Store, and the applications have received over 4,000 downloads, with over 16,000 sessions.

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Apple Coding Camp

At 9.00 in the morning, 8 of our employees went over to Apple to help out for the 1-day Apple Coding Camp. The camp’s goal was to allow children to learn programming for first time Read more…


SST Inc at Hackomania 2017

Over the course of 4th to 5th March three of our students participated in a HackOMinia, a hackerton where students were challenged to build an software project on social networking. Through hard work and determination, Read more…


Project SF – Day 6

Project SF – Day 6 Today we visited Zendesk, a medium sized company specializing in call center software. There was some familiarity as Zendesk shared some of the characteristics of a technological company in San Read more…

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